Us-di Tawodi
My name is Juniper and I'm a 15 year old Iroquois, Lakota Sioux, Apache, Chicana and Japanese girl residing in Australia. I made this blog in the hopes to clear up any misconceptions about Native American people and indigenous culture.
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A letter to my Facebook friends.

I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people on my newsfeed are hypocrites. You say that you support same-sex relationships, yet you continue to make jokes about people who are in those relationships and make it out to be such a big deal. You think you’re making a difference by supporting justice, yet you don’t think outside the box and consider that maybe one way to beat injustice is to treat those who are being succumbed to injustice as REGULAR PEOPLE, and not making them feel ‘othered’ or ‘different’ by placing them under a label like ‘gay’, ‘straight’ or ‘bi’. Love is love, and shouldn’t be defined by labels and stereotypes. You organise and commodify people into something simpler to understand and consequently into something easier to control. You all act like striving for justice is the latest quirky trend and accessory, yet you never follow up on your own ‘beliefs.’ Most of the people on my home page who post statuses about being for same-sex marriage are the ones who gossip about people who are in same-sex relationships. You say you’re against ‘slut shaming,’ when you go around tossing the word ‘slut’ around as if it’s a ball. Who cares about how many people someone has slept with? It’s not your business, honestly, who are you living your life for? Them or yourself? ‘Slut’ is just a word that was invented to prevent women from having as much fun as men. And to say that one losing their virginity means that they lack self-respect is just stupid. It has nothing to do with self-respect and everything to do with how someone feels. When a guy has sex for the first time, no one slanders him for it. No one says he lacks self-respect. You may have your beliefs and values about virginity, but not everyone has to follow those beliefs and values. For some people, virginity is nothing. The idea of ‘virginity’ is an illusion and is nothing but a mindset. The only physical aspect that represents it being a physical chance is the tearing of the hymen. And for some people it’s a big deal and for others, it’s not. And that doesn’t mean that either of those groups are in any place to criticise the other for a MINDSET that they concluded with. Also, being a ‘slut’ has nothing to do with how someone dresses or acts. It’s freedom of expression. Some people like to wear revealing clothes, some people don’t. Hell, it’s the exact same thing as someone preferring Summer over Winter - would you call someone a ‘slut’ because they enjoyed summer weather over winter weather? No, so why call them a ‘slut’ for the clothes they like to wear? Instead of teaching women how to ‘not’ be raped, maybe teach rapists about self-control and how to bloody use it. You didn’t assault her because her clothes provoked you. You assaulted her because you’re a disgusting, misogynist asshole. You say that you’re not racist yet the majority of you make oversimplified generalisations about a whole race based on the actions of a few from that racial group. If a member of another race does not fit your westernised standards of the word ‘beauty,’ they are labelled exotic, which - when you think about it in depth, basically means foreign. And the amount of fuckshit that goes around my school about people smoking and drinking - grow the fuck up. Most of the people at my school who yell at the group of kids who are known for smoking are actually smokers themselves. Calling someone a ‘derro’ won’t make you anymore superior over someone. A ‘derro’ is actually short for ‘derelict,’ so pull your head out of your ass and maybe focus on fucking educating yourselves instead of fishing out your own self-esteem by putting people down because of their personal choices WHICH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Grow up. The day when someone doesn’t have to announce they’re attracted to the same gender is the day that equality and justice has been served. Sorry for the book but the amount of simple-minded people nowadays pisses me off. Rant over.

Exactly! Finally, someone said it. Even if people intend the word ‘exotic’ as a compliment, they don’t realise how degrading and potentially harmful it is. All the word ‘exotic’ does is just make people feel ‘othered’ and ‘different.’ 
Old photo, but I went for a walk to the beach this afternoon. It’s almost warm enough to go swimming - one of the perks of living in Australia, although I miss the flora and fauna of the Americas. Ugh, why can’t I live in two places at once?!

Every Wind - Ojibwa - circa 1910

i-d youth issue from 2006

死神様…  Spirit of Forest 

Frida Kahlo


We are not your fashion accessories.: “Native-Americans” were not in this country first



"This country" is the United States of America. It didn’t exist before white people came here and founded the land as a nation. It was a dirt-living, savage, primitive civilization. Now Indians are running casinos. No more dirt-living for them.

I don’t…

Savage and primitive, eh?

Who domesticated corn, beans, squash, pumpkin, pineapple, peanuts, up to 3,000 varieties of potatoes (including sweet potatoes), chili, chocolate, vanilla, bell peppers, quinoa, cashews, pecans, artichokes, strawberries, cranberries, zucchini, paprika, allspice, and literally 60% of the crops the rest of the world eats?

Who invented diapers?  (Hint: It was the Inca.)  Who built the first ever observatory?  (Hint: It was the Arapaho on Medicine Mountain.)  Who had running water before Rome did?  (It was Tenochtitlan.)  Who had embalming before the Egyptians did?  (It was the Chinchoro.)  Who had compasses before the Chinese did?  (It was the Olmec.)  Who had convection ovens before the convection oven was even “invented”?  (It was the Wampanoag.)  Who invented the 365 day calendar?  (It was the Maya.)  Who knew there was a black hole in the middle of the Big Dipper thousands of years before NASA did?  (It was the Lakota.)  Who knew the earth moved around the sun while the Catholic church still taught that the sun moved around the earth, and made it illegal to teach otherwise?  (It was…well, all of us, actually.  Oops.)

Who was it who came to this continent and didn’t know that drinking out of the water you just shat in is going to give you cholera?  Who was it who literally banned bathing, calling it “unspiritual” and “promiscuous” and even arresting people caught bathing in select states?

But, hey, good on your people for liberating us from our filthy existence and all that…  We sure would be lost without you…